Equipping young leaders for ministry.

Named after the late Winston I. Nunes, an extremely influential Elim teacher and minister who had a role in shaping the lives of countless young ministers, the “Winston I. Nunes Growth Seminars” are Elim Fellowship’s mentorship fast track for our emerging leaders. The first few years of ministry are often the most difficult. During this season, many young leaders feel overwhelmed, ill-prepared, and alone in the work that God has called them to. Through the WINGS program, we hope to impart God’s love and the Elim “DNA” into the next generation of EF credential holders.

Another goal of the WINGS program is to make our young credential holders feel accepted and valued by the Elim family. Each WINGS participant will be fully sponsored by their church, and other churches within the Fellowship, meaning that their meals, materials, hotel reservations, and all other costs will be covered. We want to bless our young leaders and hope to give the same deposit of care that was given to so many who now serve on the EF Council of Elders and in leadership positions throughout the Fellowship.

Each year we invite some of our younger credential holders to be part of a WINGS cohort. Each cohort will go through the program together, participating in nine seminars held over a three-year period. These seminars are designed to cover the core areas of a life given to ministry, including: Strategic Planning, Ministerial Ethics, Counseling, Excellence in Leadership, Effective Biblical Preaching, Church Management, and the importance of The Leader’s Personal Life. We are excited that some of Elim’s finest teachers and leaders will be the faculty for this program.

Please play a part in the lives of young leaders around you by encouraging them to participate in this amazing program. You can also stand with us with your prayers and scholarship donations to help enable everyone to participate.


Mike Wing ministers at Lockport Christian Church in Lockport, NY. He has served as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, and now Lead Pastor. Before living and ministering in Lockport he served as Program Director, and eventually director of Buffalo Teen Challenge. During his time at Teen Challenge, he also served in College Ministry at the University at Buffalo. He graduated from Elim Bible Institute in 2002, then served at EBI & Elim Gospel Church for one year. Mike has a passion for community, and building community. He also has a lifelong vision to empower people and help them discover their potential and purpose in life. He has an amazing wife, Amber, and 3 amazing boys, two of which are twins.

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