Refuge Amidst Isolation

While I was teaching Old Testament Survey, as well as another course, called, “Hero’s of Faith” out of Hebrews, I began to read 1 Kings 19 repeatedly.

Elijah was exhausted, he had felt by himself he had killed all of Jezebel’s Prophets. He made a public display of it; now if confronted, he would have acknowledged God enabled him to do it. However, he took some pride in the fact that he was the only one on earth who could have done it. Now in the aftermath, he is fleeing Jezebel’s wrath, (which to me is like this Pandemic).

Elijah is terrified; he wants to be in isolation alone, and he wants to hear from God, and at this moment, this is when Elijah learns to hear from God. God did not speak to him through the big events of the Tornado, Earthquake, and Fire, but God quietly spoke to him in (that still small voice) that he had to be isolated to hear him.

When God begins to speak, He lets Elijah know, he is not the only one. 7,000 others who have not bowed to other gods, Elijah now knows there are others he can even depend on, there is a new connection that God has opened for him. He is going to become more relational and less critical; there is more teamwork on his horizon. He is going to be doing more discipleship in this generation, and God has even prepared a successor for him.

As an Elim Mission’s Family, we had a Zoom call together, we prayed, listened, and encouraged one another. I love moments like these where we’re able to connect and share our hearts as one family.