Ready, Set, Go!

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A few years ago, I had a dream about leading fitness classes as a gathering place for Asian college students. In this dream, there was so much joy and a spirit of life flowing through the young students I saw. Back in February of 2019, when we were praying about moving to East Asia to plant churches, God reminded me of that dream that He had given me! I knew he had put that dream in me for such a time as this!

During our time of preparation and planning, God connected me with a group called, REFIT. They do group fitness classes designed to give EVERYBODY a positive experience. Working out and healthy living is a big passion of mine! What I love most about this program besides how much fun working out can be, is their heart and focus to see people’s lives changed from the inside out. Because of the hostility toward preaching the Gospel in the place God is sending us, having exercise instructing as a public platform is especially strategic at this time.

Church planting is our main ministry of focus, so I’m beyond excited to see how God uses this dream turned reality as a way to connect and build relationships with the Asian students to bring them into the Kingdom!