Our New Brother, Tim

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Just recently one of our missionaries from Asia encountered a man named Tim at a Starbucks. As they sat and chatted for a few moments, Tim opened-up to our missionary about what a whirlwind of a mess his life has been over the past few years. He told her about his recent separation from his wife, his recovery from extended heroin use, and to top it all off, how he recently got diagnosed with autism (which has caused him a lot of problems his whole life, but he wasn’t aware of it).

As our missionary sat and listened to Tim’s story, she found the opportunity to open up to him about her own testimony and how God completely transformed her life. Once she finished, she asked Tim if he was interested in a relationship with Jesus. Tim was apprehensive at first, stating he needed time to process it all. And in a loving manner our missionary told him, “That she understood, but the second he was ready to give his life to Jesus, Jesus would be waiting for him with open arms to forgive him, make him a new creation, and give him the free gift of unconditional love forever.”

As Tim sat and listened to her words he broke down in tears and said, “Then I guess I better be ready right now.” At that moment they prayed together, and Tim was born again and brought into our family!