Let the Little Children Come to Me


We are the Heeds and we are missionaries who currently serve in Kigoma, Tanzania. Our ministry primarily focuses on the children within the community. During our time spent here, we’ve developed 3 children’s feeding programs, which are done in 3 villages in partnership with the churches.

One of the programs we started is called, Ya Mungu Gungu (Translated “of God”, in the town of Gungu). The location of where we reside is predominately Muslim, so many of the children in the area will often sit on our steps listening, but too afraid to enter, how sad! Not even free food can budge these orphans! Around the same time, we started Ya Mungu Gungu, we had to let another program die. When we stopped the other program by obedience, the Gungu program grew from 80 to 450 kids!

Other incredible stories have taken place since then as well. Our Sunday school teacher has said, “If you believe in Jesus but are too afraid to tell anyone, will you just tug on my shirt?” and guess what? Kids responded! A little boy has even shared a story saying, “I heard a voice telling me to come into the kids’ program and that today I would be saved.” And we’ve had at least two children find Jesus through dreams! But that’s not all! Five children from Islamic backgrounds have received Christ, and because of that, four of their parents are now attending church.

Since then, this story has been reproduced in the different villages where we currently are serving. After building a well and education center, we are accepted and see Islamic kids know the love of Christ. In Kimbwela, Muslim children have joined the church choir, and in Ujiji, 40% of the kids that come to hear the Gospel Message are from a Muslim background! God is SO good! Because of our obedience to let go of our other program, we’ve experienced nothing but growth and success in our ministry!

Let the Little Children Come to Me includes orphaned, abandoned, Muslim background children.