A New Brother in ‘Nam

Tonight something incredible happened! As I was modeling how to share the Gospel with two of our short-term workers I had the privilege to share the Gospel and lead a man named John* to Jesus! Not only was I able to model how simple sharing the Gospel is, but we actually saw the fruit of what happens when we listen to God and obey his commandments of going to the nations and sharing the Gospel. 

After leading John into prayer; he kept on grabbing his chest and saying, “I feel so much peace! I feel so light! I feel it in my heart. It’s like a burden has fallen off of me! This is amazing, God is amazing!”

It was a moment that was especially sweet for another guy named Jimmy, who has been pouring into John’s life. After sharing and John saying yes, I left Jimmy to lead him in the salvation prayer.

Some sow and others reap what you’ve sown. We got to see the fruit of what we have sown into tonight. 

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.