Set the vision, lead the way

We believe that the local church is the hope of the world – your church is a piece of that movement expanding throughout the globe. Our heart is for you to be equipped in leading your local church, partnering with God to transform lives and communities.

Joe Jansen

US Ministries Director

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Life and ministry were not meant to be lived alone. We are better together. Our roots were birthed from leaders, pastors, missionaries, and ministries desiring covering, training, and connection. We are still committed to these purposes today. When you join the Elim movement you enter into a narrative that was birthed in 1933, a family focused on the task of seeing worldwide revival.

With ministry affiliation, you receive the endorsement of a trusted ministerial association, resources to help you grow & succeed, support when facing difficulties in ministry and accountability from trusted leaders.

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We can do infinitely more together than apart. Join a global movement of churches with access to resources, training, networking, and support.