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Churches & para-church ministries shouldn’t have to stand alone while doing the work of the Lord. With ministry affiliation, faith-based organizations receive the endorsement of a trusted ministerial association, resources to help it grow & succeed, support when facing difficulties in ministry and accountability from trusted leaders.

Please note Elim Fellowship only offers affiliation to U.S. based ministries.

Join the Elim Family

We place a high value on relationships with Elim. It is out of relationship with Jesus Christ that we hear the call to ministry and it is through relationships with others of like faith that we are encouraged and challenged to grow in that calling. Elim is more than an association, it is a family of believers who are all working together to see their individual purposes fulfilled.

We Are A Fellowship,

We choose to influence without control.

The Elim DNA

'Influence Without Control' is one of nine values that make Elim Fellowship unique.


Discover Affiliation

Learn more about the resources, discounts and other benefits of joining the Elim Affiliate Network.

Discover Affiliation

It's easy to apply for church or ministry affiliation with Elim Fellowship!


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