Elim Fellowship School of Technology

EF Tech is a 33-week course that combines two programs into one!
You will embark on a tech bootcamp journey while simultaneously completing Christian courses that will empower you and further your life and leadership.

Essentials for Christian Life and Leadership

Develop Your Spiritual Life and Leadership!

Learn from many specialized teachers in lessons and discussions designed to further you in your Christian journey. Check out the five major topics and details below.

Dive into who God made you to be as an individual through lessons on your identity in Christ. Discover your call, your spiritual gifts, and your personality. Develop a life plan and learn how to go the distance.

Strengthen your relationship with the Lord through lessons on prayer and intimacy with God and living a lifestyle of worship. Learn what it means to rest and to Sabbath, to have good accountability, to press forward, and to keep your focus.

Human interaction and relationship are fundamental to life and society. Better your relationships through lessons covering topics such as the freedom of forgiveness, the five love languages, kingdom witnessing and evangelism, discipleship, relationships you need, mentoring and coaching, diffusing and resolving conflict, and breaking the cycle of insecurity.

Set your spiritual life in motion as you are empowered through teachings on prophesy and the prophetic, financial stewardship in the life of the believer, winning your thought life, and defining and understanding levels of authority.

Whether you see yourself in a position of leadership or not, we all influence those around us. Develop your leadership abilities through teachings on Biblical leadership. Learn how to lead and manage yourself as well as how to raise up other leaders. Discover your leadership personality and style, how to be credible, and how to cast a vision. Integrity, dealing with anxiety, finishing well, and women in leadership will also be addressed.

Coder Center

Choose Your Own Tech Program!

Pick a path based on your interests and career goals! Check out the details of the available programs below.

Learn from courses including coding from scratch, front-end foundations, programming foundations, front-end frameworks, back-end foundations, database foundations, mobile apps, career skills, and deployment and security.

Learn from courses including security foundations, networking foundations, system administration, network defense, logging and monitoring as well as programming foundations, web application and project management, cryptography and access management, and about threats and vulnerabilities.

Learn from courses including basic statistics, statistical programming, metrics and data processing, data wrangling and visualization, intermediate statistics, machine learning and modeling, introduction to big data, databases, and programming foundations.

Learn from courses including an introduction to iOS development, programming foundations in Swift, programming foundations in Objective-C, mobile UI, app services and systems, app store and deployment, analytics and monitoring, mobile data, and agile project management.