How can I become a missionary?

From its earliest days Elim Fellowship has been missions-focused. Over the years we have equipped and sent international workers to every corner of the globe, on both career and short-term assignments. We can help you…

Elim Fellowship has helped missionaries make the connections overseas that facilitate their ministry. Elim has the expertise and the contacts that help to open doors to cross-cultural ministry. Missions is truly the heritage of Elim Fellowship.

Elim Fellowship Global Ministries Mission

It is the mission of Elim Fellowship Global Ministries to serve those who are called to reach the nations for Christ.

We purpose to do this through:

  • Providing Elim Fellowship International Workers with prayer support, administrative support, personal care, counsel, resources and assisting in personal, family, or national crisis
  • Recruiting, training, coaching and releasing new missionaries and encouraging new missionary ventures in line with the Great Commission
  • Providing education and counsel to local churches to assist them in the development of their individual missions program and encourage prayer, personal and financial missionary support
  • Raising awareness of and funds for missions projects

Frequently-Asked Questions

“What’s first?”

The process begins by getting in touch with our EF Global Ministries Office. The Global Ministries Director, Tom Brazell, will help you get the ball rolling, offer counsel and advice about the best way to proceed, length of service, and so on. Because missionary service is not a one-size-fits-all situation, each applicant will receive personalized guidance. Our desire is to help you reach your goal!

“What support does Elim provide?”

Elim Fellowship provides many services and support. Among the most important is that, as an EF missionary, you can receive donations for support of your ministry. These donations will be tax-deductible to your donors. The Global Ministries office also provides many administrative services for its missionaries, as well as resources, counsel, member care, crisis counseling, and so on.

“What can I do now to get ready?”

As important as a call to serve the Lord cross-culturally is, being equipped to succeed in that calling takes preparation. We want each Elim missionary to be well-versed in Bible and doctrine, as well as obtain any specific skills necessary to function in another culture. Language skills as well as other technical skills may be necessary. If you are looking for a place to increase your knowledge of the Bible, Elim Bible Institute and College has a number of dynamic programs that will prepare you for your area of missionary service.