There are several ministers related to Elim Fellowship who provide a more “trans-local” ministry, which benefits the larger body of Christ. There are also those who are either pioneering a ministry or pioneering a church endeavor. These individuals may receive donations from a constituency broader than the locality of their ministry.

In each case, the Global Ministries Department has created a format whereby the minister can receive donations into an account for their support and the support of their ministries. Donors are thus encouraged to direct their donations through Elim Fellowship and are then able to receive receipts for their giving that would benefit them when filing their tax returns.

Candidates for the Home Missionary designation must complete a thorough application procedure, which may include an interview with the Global Ministries Director, Tom Brazell as well as an interview before the Global Ministries Committee before they are considered. Thus the integrity of the credential holder, the ministry they are seeking to carry out, and the relationship they have with Elim Fellowship are strengthened and guarded.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Missionary or have any further questions, please email or call the Global Ministries Department at 585-582-2790.