Dream Again

A few weeks ago I had a couple dreams that were so vivid and seemed so profound while I was dreaming them. They were so real to me that I still remember them. I usually don’t remember what I dream at night, but these two dreams, I remember like it just happened minutes ago. I don’t know if  these dreams mean anything, I have no clue if it is speaking to something subconsious in my life, or a sign of something to come.

God definitely speaks to people in dreams and visions, it is just one of the many ways He speaks to us for sure. But if the only time you’re dreaming is when you lay your head on your pillow at night, or catch a quick cat nap under your desk George Costanza style, then you’re missing out on a world of possibility and excitement.

Remember when you were young and life was full of unlimited possibilities? One day you dreamt of being a firefighter, the next day you wanted to be a teacher. You envisioned your life being full of adventure and purpose. You wanted to save lives like a doctor or police officer. You wanted to see the world and make a difference.

But somewhere along the way your world got smaller. Somewhere along the way “Reality” set in. Somewhere along the way you couldn’t decide on exactly what you wanted to do, and couldn’t take the leap to achieve your goals because you didn’t want to fail and waste years of your life going down the wrong road.

What happened to the dreamer that you once were? What happened to the time in your life where the best dreams you had were while you were still awake? I know, I know; you’ve grown up. You’ve matured. You’ve experienced life and found out it’s not all fairytales and fun.

But what if you could dream again? What if it’s not too late to dream of what life could be? What if you didn’t have to settle for the things you wish you could change? What if you spent some time today dreaming about the things you still want to accomplish, see, or experience? What if you dreamt ways to become a better you, realize your full potential? What if you spent some time dreaming about how to be the best spouse or parent? What if you spent some time dreaming about your ministry or job? What if you spent time dreaming about your future?

Somewhere along the way we stopped dreaming. Maybe it’s because our schedules are so jam packed with to do lists and deadlines. Maybe it’s because we are so disappointed with how life or ministry has turned out that it has sapped all the hope and dreams out of us.

Wanna know what I think it is? I think it might be fear. I think we’ve all stopped dreaming because dreams mean new things. They don’t come with a guarantee of success. It means we have to get out of our comfortable lives, our comfort zones, and take a chance, take a risk. Kids don’t dream of safety when they dream. They dream of running into the building covered in flames. They dream of being the one that everyone is counting on. We now know that in all those scenarios there is a healthy dose of fear that we have to overcome to accomplish those dreams. We all know that there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to going after the dreams we have and some of us feel trapped in our everyday life and can’t afford to dream.

But here’s what I say; I say you only have one life to live. I say you can’t afford not to dream. You get one shot at life, one shot at living a legacy. You get one chance to leave your mark and live a life worth living, one where you get to be the one that someone counts on, or be the one that pulls someone out of whatever fire they’re experiencing.

God put you in this life for greatness. Don’t settle for anything less, and don’t sell yourself short by not dreaming a little here and there. Go after something big. Start dreaming about it today. Here’s a tip, take your schedule and plan some dream time. Take 30 minutes a week to just sit and think about what could be. I bet it will be the best part of your week!

Get dreaming and dream big.