We were sitting on a seat taken out of a missionary’s van in the middle of the lobby of a Nicaraguan hotel. At this point, the other two youth leaders and I didn’t know what else to do. We sent the teenagers up to their rooms to get some rest while we racked our brains on what our next move […]

Intentional Living

This year has been crazy busy for me! Running from ministry event to ministry event, travelling outside of the county, preaching, teaching, discipling, and doing all of the administration that it takes to keep my role running. All of that running can make a gal feel pretty tired. I mean I am not the energizer […]

Coach’s Corner

I was leaving the gym the other day and told my friend to have a nice day as I passed her on my way out of the locker room. Her response wasn’t the typical, “You too.” No, her response was “Thanks. I’m gonna!” “I’m gonna!” That was the response I got. And I liked that response! It […]

The Lie of Perfection

I feel like you need to hear this. Or maybe I just need the reminder again. It’s ok to not be perfect. I got wrapped up in this lie for a long time…and still struggle with it on occasion. The idea that being a Christian, or being in ministry, somehow means I need to be perfect. That […]

Dream Again

A few weeks ago I had a couple dreams that were so vivid and seemed so profound while I was dreaming them. They were so real to me that I still remember them. I usually don’t remember what I dream at night, but these two dreams, I remember like it just happened minutes ago. I […]

5 Myths of Feedback

Googling the words “cool youth group ideas” yields 9 million results in half a second. That’s insane. There are also probably thousands of bloggers on the inter-webs who give coaching, thoughts, videos, game plans, blueprints for growth strategies, DVD curriculum, etc… I am not hating on those bloggers, they are great! But do you know […]

The Social Media Shaped Pastor

No one will deny that we are all bombarded daily by an abundance of ideas/images of what churches and ministries are supposed to be like. On social media, our favorite blogs, the bestsellers list, everyone has a tip or a secret to building or growing the best church and ministry possible. Without our noticing, these […]

5 Ways to Lead When You Are Not In Charge

For a long time leadership has been understood as having an important title, which then provides the authority to lead. This understanding means we can’t lead until we are the top dog. I believe nothing is further from the truth. Leadership is defined as influence. Influence is the capacity to impact someone else’s character, thoughts, […]

Reverse Mentoring

I remember the moment I realized I was old. I was riding in the car with our Chinese exchange student talking about a Facebook post that I recently uploaded when all of a sudden from the back seat I hear Harry say, “Facebook is for old people. No one young uses it.” That was it. […]