General Secretary, Phil McNeill

I was born in Ireland and grew up in Canada. My parents were both believers. My father was a local church leader in his twenties when the latter rain movement hit his church in Ireland. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit. Singing in the spirit, healing, and prophecy flowed like a river. My father pastored on and off throughout my childhood and teenage years. I grew up Pentecostal in a time when it was not so popular. As I look back, we had a wealth of Pentecostal ministers flow through our church and home and it left impartation in my life.

In my teenage years, I worked part time for a man who started his own business that grew quickly to 150 employees. I had favor and learned how to start and run a business while still in High School. The owner had me do everything in the company from floor to office. I loved it! An entrepreneurial bug infected me and I started my own small business. From my hard work I had a nice apartment, sports-car, finances when I entered my first year of university in London Ontario. However, by my last year in University I was miserable because none of it fulfilled me. In that last year, I rededicated my life to the Lord, ending up in the fall of 1984 at Elim Bible Institute and College where I continued for three years until my graduation from EBI&C in 1987.

After graduation from Elim, I helped found a travelling ministry that had anywhere from 6 to 12 people on the team ministering in music and word. It travelled for five years mostly here in the states but also overseas. It ministered in approximately 225 churches per year. This group’s emphasis was on ministering God’s grace to people through the comfort and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

My wife and I were married in November 1991, and since that time, our family has grown to include four precious daughters. My marriage and children are my first priority. Many times I weave stories of my marriage and family into my sermons. My daughters call me at times the “Dean of Women,” and themselves the “Drama Team.”

I have been the Pastor of Word of Life Christian Fellowship since its founding in 1994 and it has grown steadily. I love entering into praise and worship. I believe in our faith being authentic and practical. I graduated in 2009 from Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College with a Master of Divinity. I enjoy being an Elder at Elim Fellowship and teaching a course on Prophetic Ministry at the Elim Bible Institute and College. I love visiting missionaries on the field and traveling out ministering among churches.