About Us

Who We Are

Elim Fellowship is a missional family made of pastors, missionaries, executives, churches and ministries. We truly are a global movement! Being a part of Elim Fellowship gives you access to conferences, resources, coaching, accountability, and relationship with the greater global Elim team.

The Elim family at every leadership level is dedicated to helping you grow into all that God has for you in your life, ministry, and calling.

Our Mission

To strengthen the leader, to equip the church, to reach the world.

Our Vision

We are a Christ-centered worldwide revival fellowship.


We Reach The World

We seek to have a global impact through world missions.

We Are Authentic

We are real people sacrificing for a great cause.

We Influence Without Control

We seek to inspire and guide rather than control or manipulate.

We Pursue Revival

We discern, pursue and participate in fresh moves of the Holy Spirit.

We Are Restorers

We are committed to reconciliation and to restoring broken lives, relationships and ministries.

We Embrace Spiritual Gifts

We embrace the power gifts, ascension gifts, and motivational gifts.

We Are United Through Relationships

We encourage unity through relationships with both genders, all races, and all ethnic groups.

We Are A People Of God’s Presence

We demonstrate our dependence on God’s presence through worship, prayer, and intercession.

We Are Inclusive

We seek to fellowship, strengthen, and collaborate with the larger body of Christ.

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Our Story

Elim Fellowship began in 1933 as an informal fellowship of churches, ministers and missionary endeavors, developing from individuals trained at Elim Bible Institute and College. Our story gives us deep roots that add to our ability to help launch world changers into their destiny.  

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