One of the most often asked questions is “Why men’s ministries?” Our society has diluted, dispar­aged and desecrated the role of men in the family, in the community and often even in the church. Just think of the advertisements and the programs that are seen on TV. The man is made to look like the fool, the idiot who doesn’t know his right from his left—certainly not a person who should be the leader and guide for his family. This may be the profile the world would like to project but God’s design is much loftier than what we are being fed by the media and the entertain­ment industry. God cre­ated men to be the lead­ers, providers, defenders and mentors to their wives and their children. God forbid that the church should accept the anemic character given to men by those who would like to undermine their God-given role.

It is the desire of Elim Men’s Ministries Department to assist pastors in developing men of valor for Elim Fellowship churches, men who have the character, integrity and purity of Christ. Webster’s dictionary defines “valor” as “courage and bravery, especially in battle”. Most men are aware of the battle that we are currently in. Not the one being fought in the Middle East but the one being fought every day in our homes, our marriages, for our children, at our places of business, and even in our churches.
God is calling you and me to look to our Commander-in-Chief and to receive our marching orders from Him in order to be victorious men of God in our genera­tion. He is calling us to pick up the weapons He has given us and begin to fight both the flesh and the devil to become over­comers in His Kingdom. Our prayer for you is that you would be encour­aged and challenged in your walk of faith to become a Man of Valor.

Our men’s conferences and retreats can be a time to re-establish your relationship with Christ and become prepared for all of the battles that lie ahead. Whether you are a new recruit with the Lord or a seasoned veteran, you can be changed by His presence and challenged by His Word. We face daily the crisis of the salmon which, in order to reproduce, must swim against the current. They reach their goal by tenacity and perseverance. They face many dangers and hardships and there are casualties along the way but they don’t fail for lack of effort. They are equipped by God to accomplish His plan and purpose. Men, we too are equipped by God. His favor is upon us and His grace is sufficient for us to accomplish his foreordained plan, which for us is to be conformed into the image of Jesus. Our assignment is to make disciples of all nations.