Often people have questions about what our thoughts or expectations might be regarding the mandatory 5% portion of the Commissioned, Licensed and Ordained minister’s credential commitment. We have attempted to answer some of those common questions here.

The statement on the credential application concerning giving to the Credential-Holder’s Account (CHA) reads: “I agree to give 5% of my total income (whether from ministry or other source) to the credential holder’s account of Elim Fellowship.”

Recognizing the responsibility to give to the CHA is birthed in a desire to support Elim Fellowship in its vision and purpose. We wish to answer some questions often asked concerning the 5%

FAQ’s About 5% Giving

A person holding credentials commits to give 5% of his or her personal income from both ministry and non-ministry earnings.
Only if your spouse holds credentials with Elim Fellowship.
Giving from other financial resources, such as your spouse’s income or retirement, would be a personal conscience decision.
Some people give a full tithe to their local church and an additional 5% to Elim Fellowship. Others divide their tithe and give 5% to Elim Fellowship & 5% to their local church. We leave this decision up to each person’s conscience. (Some credential-holders opt to pay their full tithe to the local church, and the church chooses to pay that minister’s 5% obligation to Elim Fellowship.)
In the case of crisis, difficulty or other unforeseen situations, there may be a temporary waiving of your commitment to the 5%. However, this should be discussed with one of the Elim Fellowship Ministry Directors. Ongoing communication should take place in order to maintain integrity concerning your relationship as a credential holder.
Your 5% CHA payment is the primary source for funding Elim Fellowship.