By joining the EF Network of Affiliated Churches & Ministries, you will build new relationships while receiving resources, event discounts, special offers from our ministry partners, conflict resolution coaching and more. Church & Ministry Affiliation is relational and service-oriented, not authoritative. It is not a denomination. We believe local churches and ministries should govern their own affairs. This is why we can proudly invite any like-minded church or ministry that shares our doctrine and mission to join this network, regardless of their association with other networks or denominations.

Network Benefits


Your church/ministry will be joining the Elim family. This means that you will have access to the larger Elim network of credentialed ministers and leaders. You will be included in invitations to Elim related events and activities. Perhaps most importantly, you will be associating your ministry with a trustworthy fellowship that operates with a high degree of integrity and character.

Annual & Monthly Resources

You will receive a welcome gift upon approval, as well as other gifts in our annual resource packet. These resources will usually include a free book, DVDs, and/or other resources that will strengthen your ministry and leadership team. Additionally, you will receive a monthly newsletter with helpful articles that we believe will be relevant to your organization.

Event Discounts

Affiliated Churches & Ministries may invite up to FOUR non-credentialed ministry leaders to select EF events at a discounted price. (Note: If you are a credentialed leader with EF, you already receive similar discounts.)

EF Endorsed Speakers

You will receive a list of recommended EF endorsed speakers you may consider inviting to speak at your church or ministry event. We ask that you bless them with an honorarium and arrange for food/hotel/travel costs as appropriate.

Discounts from Ministry Partners

We are diligently establishing partnerships with reputable people/ministries to provide meaningful services to your local church or ministry at greatly reduced costs.

Conflict Resolution Coaching

We will give preferential help in the following areas for affiliated churches and ministries: pastoral search coaching, conflict resolution coaching, and help connecting with mediation services as needed.

Financial Obligations

We ask that all affiliated churches & ministries give a regular monthly gift of their choice to the EF Affiliation Account. Some organizations can only afford to give as little as $10/month while others are blessed to be able to give more. We leave it to the discretion of each individual church or ministry.

There is also an annual $100 renewal fee which is due March 1st of each year. (There is also a $100 signup fee, which will be applied to the following year’s annual renewal fee.)

In summary, affiliate churches & ministries are required to:

  1. Give monthly to the EF Affiliation Account.
  2. Pay an Annual Fee of $100

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