In keeping with our core values and our mission to spread the gospel throughout the world, the Elim Fellowship Global Ministries Office provides a few different options to serve on the missions field:

Career Service

In fulfillment of the Great Commission, the primary goal of those serving as Elim global workers has always been the establishment and growth of viable, reproducing churches in the countries they serve. The means to this end vary depending on the existence and maturity of the local bodies of believers with which they work. Elim seeks to serve the whole Body of Christ. In doing so, our global workers generally do not go out and establish “Elim” works in other countries, but go to strengthen and co-labor with existing national movements.

It is our privilege to provide ongoing service to our global workers through administrative support, missionary care, and proper stewardship of finances. The Global Ministries office oversees a wide variety of Christian endeavors worldwide, and manages funding for global workers and projects. We are committed to promoting unity within the broad Body of Jesus Christ, which is the greatest enhancement for the advancement of the Gospel worldwide.

STEP Service:

Through the Short-Term Enlistment Program (STEP), service can be as short as a few weeks or as long as two years.

Due to the recognition that God is increasingly utilizing short-term global workers alongside full-time career workers, Global Ministries has established a program through which individuals can formally respond to opportunities to serve under a host ministry on the field. This program enables qualified individuals to serve in various places of the world where global workers and national leaders are in need of field support.

The Global Ministries office can provide further details about STEP service upon inquiry.