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Elim FellowshipElim Fellowship is here to help you fulfill your call to ministry.

Our history gives us deep roots that add to our ability to help those seeking to fulfill their destiny. Our passion to intentionally raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders keeps us connected to what God is doing today. Elim Fellowship began in 1933 as an informal fellowship of churches, ministers and missionary endeavors, developing from individuals trained at Elim Bible Institute (www.elim.edu). Being of Pentecostal conviction and Charismatic orientation, Elim Fellowship has grown in its vision as a Christ-centered worldwide fellowship serving pastors, churches, missionaries and other Christian ministers.

Elim Fellowship provides credentials and counseling for ministers, has developed support ministries for churches, assists in the establishment of new churches, and enables missionaries and overseas outreaches. Our heart is to extend the hand of fellowship to all pastors and churches, and to encourage and edify all followers of Christ no matter what their church background. We offer to walk hand-in-hand with all who will fellowship with us, in order to promote a cooperative relationship resulting in spiritual growth and enlargement as we serve and minister with the whole Church.

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